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First Civil Servant from Union Council Birote
 Circlr Bakote

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Some people are assets for any nation or a part of land who is an ICON called identity. Circle Bakote have many ICONS of this kind in each and every department, doctrine and isms. If we analyses Icon of every department, we identified a bureaucrat before subcontinent independent was HAJI MOHAMMED SARFRAZ KHAN. He was a descendant of Khanal Dhond Abbasi tribe of Kahoo East and West and was highest educated person of his time.  He was a lover of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of  Pakistan and Mohammed Ali Jinnah (QUAID E AZAM) wrote a letter to him on 17th Nov, 1937 from Mumbai in which he advice HAJI MOHAMMED SARFRAZ KHAN to help Peshawar or Mardan Districts Muslim League.
Mohammed Ali Jinnah (QUAID E AZAM)
letter to 
His forefather came from Sehal Rawalpindi in eighteenth century according to TahirFraz Abbasi advocate. His tribe chief Khan Dada was a brave, handsome and young person and honored by a gold sword by King of Umb state. This incident had not accepted by his other tribal stack holders. They snatched goldon sword and compelled him to migrate at Lahoor in Birote Khurd then he spent rest of his life there as an oral tradition narrated by Mohammed Imteaz Abbasi of Basian to this blogger. Mohammed Imteaz Abbasi more told that Khan Dada descendants came in Termutthean and Kahoo East when old stake holders breathed their last. HAJI MOHAMMED SARFRAZ KHAN was grand grand son of Khan Dada and first high ranked civil bureaucrat from Circle Bakote.
HAJI MOHAMMED SARFRAZ KHAN born in Chek Birote, Kahoo East in Union Council Birote on 26th August, 1909. His father Sobedar Sardar Mohammed Yaqoob Khan was a British India Army personal and also participated in First World War of 1914-18 among other 35 Birotians. He passed his primary education examination from Government Vernacular Primary School in Birote under Head teacher MolanaMohammed Ismail Alvi and second teacher Syed Fazal Husain Shah in 1916 then he got admission in Vernacular Middle School Osea. He completed his middle in 1922 and HSC in 1924from High School Murree under Punjab University Lahore Examination Department. He went to his educational institutions on foot everyday without any absent or vacations. He was graduated from Islamia CollegePeshawar (Now Peshawar University) in 1930 and won first position in his BA exam. He was Secretary General of Muslim Student Federation of his college and Secretary of Khyber Debating Union too. Mr. Henry Marton, the principal of Islamia College Peshawar noted him as EXEMPLARY STUDENT in his remarks on his praised certificate. British soldier, diplomat and UK Premier Winston Churchill's chief military assistant during World War two came at his house in Chek Birote, Kohoo East in 1944 according to a letter by HAJI MOHAMMED SARFRAZ KHAN written in February, 1957.
Mr. Henry Marton, the principal  remarks about him as EXEMPLARY STUDENT 
of Islamia College Peshawar
He appeared in Indian Civil Services Examination in February 1932 and  appointed as Probationer in the State Account Service Department on 1st June same year. His public other events as under:
·He promoted as permanent Accountant on 10th October in 1935.
· On 19th April 1944, he promoted in emergency cadre in the same department and Deputy Comptroller of Accounts in Peshawar in 1945.
·He worked on new assignment as Deputy Chief Auditor on 2nd September, 1946.
· He fully sported Kashmir freedom fighters during 1947-48 and provided fighting sport to them as a government high ranked officer.
·He had taken oath as first Auditor General of Pakistan in 1961 and served he nation till 1967. He never compromised on principals and rejected financial bills of the President and his officials many times.

HAJI MOHAMMED SARFRAZ KHAN was Depty Accountant General of East Bengal at the time in United India partition, came his native town Birote but stayed at Abbottabad. An officer of PWD NWFP was enway to Garhi Habibullah on 30th September 1947, he travelled with him and stayed at night there. He observed illegal activities of government employees at border of Hazara District that was restless and he himself engaged in investigations. He discovered these officials were engaged in anti Pakistani activities and he decided to inform Chief Ministers of NWFP and Punjab to who expected in Garhi Habibullah next few days. He wrote a fact sheet and produced corruption related details to CMs of both provinces but HAJI MOHAMMED SARFRAZ KHAN payed a huge cost by corrupt high officials after a few days. Dr. Waseem, his biographer wrote in his book (61-62 حیات سرفراز (صفحہ  that DSP Khushdil Khan attacked on him with weapons among Police and Civil official as soon as CMs departure. He escaped with help of Sardar Hasan Ali Khan, Martial Law Administrator of province and his collogues otherwise he would be killed on spot. He travelaged twords Domail, a few miles from site but the DSP and his gangsters re attacked him, beated him brutally and left him in the worst bleeding condition. They assured that HAJI MOHAMMED SARFRAZ KHAN breathed his lost and they stole his Jinnah cap, coat and other thins and escaped. He climbed mountain after restoration of his consciousness and spent this tremendous night at a peasant house. This site was kukmang where next day he came at Bakote Police Station and reported FIR under clause of 307/392 of Pakistan Panel Cod.
letter related to 

A Quranic verse in his hand writing

First civil bureaucrat from Circle Bakote
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